April 4, 2007

It’s actually a sad moment. Emergingsa wasn’t my first blog, I actually created one long long ago with blogger, but then never started blogging. So emergingsa was in effect my first blog. But I started realising that things are actually changing, and for a long time now I wasn’t sure if I’m still blogging what I were planning on blogging etc. Well, now I moved. Or maybe I just started anew?

Why? Well, actually a couple of reasons:

1) When I started out, I just kind of jumped into the blogging thing and started out, which is the way I would advice anyone new to blogging to start of… just get started. When I started blogging I had no idea how big this blogging culture was, so I chose the name emerging south africa. But since then I realised that it was quite arrogant to consider my own blog the be called “emerging south africa”, so I was getting uncomfortable.

2) Initially I got blogging about the emerging church idea, but as things went on, I started blogging about all kinds of different things. The emerging church will always be a mayor part of my contemplations, but I weren’t sticking to my theme anymore, so I changed.

So this is my fresh start. I wanted to import all the old posts into this blog, but then before I got to doing it, I decided against it. You can still read them if you’d like. And maybe I’ll put them up sometime. But for now, I just want to see where this blog goes.

We wathced Dead Poets Society tonight over at Christelle, this is one of my favourite movies. And I believe it will stay there for a long time. It asks the mayor question: Should we encourage people to become free thinkers? Was Keating wrong to encourage the boys to think, to contemplate life, even if it meant that tension will inevitably arise between them and the community they were part of? Or was the community wrong to expect these kids to conform? But the community used tried and tested methods, and they obviously work for some, Keating was the one experimenting!

But I can’t live with contemplating life. Without being a free thinker. A contemplator.

Well, whoever you are. I hope I’ll hear from you. Have you seen Dead Poets Society? What was your thoughts?

5 Responses to “welcome”

  1. aventer Says:

    Hey Cobus

    Interesting that you changed your blog, but like you said, change is good.

    Dead Poet Society was a beautiful movie. I cried. I thought. Maybe it could be better if we were allowed to raise our own thougths on a poem, situation or any school subject for that matter. Our heads get filled with wrong answers and right answers. And we stick to them. I don’t think this is wrong, but can’t there be a third way?

  2. Pete Says:

    Hey Cobus,
    I like the new look and can associate with your reasons on starting a new blog, I am at a point where I feel that my blog is a bit of a cage – where I’m only supposed to post a certain type of thing, will be looking at how I can better integrate what everyday life is about in my blog aswell.


  3. Glenn Says:

    Cobus- I like the new look and will update my blogroll and reader.

  4. Hugo Says:

    I discovered you via your old blog. I remember seeing it a while ago, but I came upon it again today when I was Googling “Faith Like Potatoes”. In your last post there, you contemplated deleting it. Do keep it up, I can’t think of any reason it shouldn’t stay… and now I can link to its old posts. 😉

    In terms of encouraging people to become free thinkers? It’s the conservative/liberal debate. Conservatives keep to old methods, because they’ve clearly worked, having gotten us this far. Liberals embrace and encourage change and new ideas, likely rejecting “traditions” that have worked until now. We need a balance of both. How to find balance is the tricky thing.

    I’ve walked the liberal path, and discovered myself a little cut off from a large majority of my community, friends and family (cousins, aunts, uncles). No worries, it isn’t a big problem, but it made me understand what free thinking can cause in terms of not “fitting in”.

    To give more perspective, friends and family have taken a somewhat evangelical, fundamentalistic Christianity to heart, mostly literalists, young earth creationists, pentecostalists and Angus Buchanists 😉 . I’ve walked the route of liberal Christianity, starting out with McLaren, ending via Marcus Borg. I probably would agree with everything Spong writes, but haven’t read his stuff yet. So I’m at the point where many would say I cannot really call myself “Christian” anymore, but I do respect and admire Jesus and what he stood for. I wish more people claiming to follow, would actually do that.

    I see the emerging church path as the way forward for Christianity. I’ll keep an eye on your blog and wish you the best for the future. May you have impact. 😉

  5. […] emerging tag somewhat limiting, so I moved to this blog, I explained my reasons back then on the first post of this blog. And now, little over a year further on, I’m 200 posts have been written on this blog alone, […]

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