part of more than one mainline denomination

April 6, 2007

Adam just posted something on Karen Ward’s chapter in Listening to the beliefs of emerging churches. Got some thoughts going. First some history. I’m part of the Dutch Reformed Church (NGKerk) in South Africa. Well, it’s actually a very crazy mixup in South Africa. We have three Reformed Afrikaans churches. Our own church has been split up into 4 churches over the years, one for each skin-colour. And now we are in the process of trying to re-unite the churches.

This goes hand in hand with all the standard complications with re-uniting churches, as seen in the Netherlands with the Protestant Church in the Netherlands. Just add the fact that you still have a lot of political tension as well, and one church that is quite rich and the others extremely poor, and you get some kind of picture of what is going on. O yeah, and then the URCSA (VGKSA) adopted additional Belhar as an additional confession as well ab out 2 decades ago.

OK, that’s picture in short. I’ll be attending the General Synod of our church, just to help out, carrying around mikes and handing out papers, in a couple of months, so then I’ll be able to give a better idea of what is going on.

But what is the task of the local congregation in situations like these? If we really want to unite, then it has to start with the local congregations. Congregations from the different churches coming together. Is it possible that a congregation can simply bypass the whole process, unite and be part of more than one mainline denomination? Become a prototype for what a united congregation can look. Maybe there are more such congregations out there?

2 Responses to “part of more than one mainline denomination”

  1. Kowie Says:

    Cobus, ek het nie ‘n regtige antwoord op jou baie relevate vraag nie, maar wil jou graag uitnooi om ‘n “gemeente” te besoek wat aan van hierdie vraagstukke / voorstelle van jou raak. Lede van die hoofstroom kerke is partymaal versigtig om “gekontamineer” te (veralgemening, jammer)wanneer hul evangelie kerke bywoon. Ek nooi jou egter in alle opregtheid – jou keuse, om een van die dienste van Lewende Woord in Brumeria by te woon. Jy is welkom om my te kontak by vir info of om saam met my te gaan. Jy is vreeslik welkom.

  2. cobus Says:

    I sent you a mail. Would be nice to meet, and see your church.

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