Brian Mclaren in PTA

April 7, 2007

Brian Mclaren will be speaking at Universiteitsoord in Pretoria on the 3rd of May. I’ve been wondering who I will meet there. Some of my friends are going, and I guess some of our pastors will be there. They made a special arrangement for the theological students at TUKS, so I hope that quite a number of us will be there. I don’t know if Roger will be there of attend the Johannesburg session, or maybe both (my guess is the last choice).

I’ll be attending the Pretoria session, as well as the camp before that. So if you’ll be at any of those meetings, leave a comment, it might be nice to know of some people that we might meet there.

Seems like Steve Hays will be going, you can find him blogging about it here and here.

Cori commented on Steve’s blog and said that she and her husband, Kevin, will be going as well, don’t think they have blogged about it yet.

You can book for the event here. Seems like the R50 offer is still standing, but be quick!


4 Responses to “Brian Mclaren in PTA”

  1. Steve Says:

    Well, I’ve just booked, but still haven’t managed to get hold of any of his books.

  2. cobus Says:

    Hi Steve
    You mentioned at some stage something about UNISA, I understood that you can take out books from them?
    Look for:
    The church on the other side : doing ministry in the postmodern matrix (262.0017 McLAREN)
    Reinventing your church / Brian D. McLaren. (262.0017 MCLA)

    I just checked the interlendings library, and according to that both are available from UNISA.

  3. Roger Saner Says:

    I guess Brian will be speaking on the same things at both events so not sure if I’ll be there…but if so it will be more to hang out with you guys than to hear him! Not sure if there’ll be any of his books on sale, but there’s always…

  4. maeree Says:


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