meeting your MXit contacts

April 10, 2007

Every once in a while you will hear that you shouldn’t give personal information out over MXit (or any IM for that matter), still everyone does it. You meet someone, you chat for a while, and then you are willing to tell that person where you live, or (s)he tells you where they live etc.

Then you get to the point where you want to meet this person. Again, you are told not to do this, and still, it is begin done. Let me say this first. There has been problems

If you then go to meet someone. Here is some pointers.

  • NEVER go alone, take along a friend, if you’re a girl, maybe take along one of your guy friends.
  • Meet in ‘n public place. NEVER go to their home, or any other place, not matter who are with you, how long you have known this person. NEVER.
  • Make sure someone knows where you are going, and for how long. Tell you’re parents where and how long you will be. And never move this appointment on the last minute.
  • Never accept a lift home after an appointment from this person. Never be picked up for an appointment. No matter how nice this person sounds.

Add some of your ideas if you’d like. But please make sure you’re friends are aware of these regulations. It’s a safety issue, don’t take chances. Take this from a fellow MXit’eer:-)

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7 Responses to “meeting your MXit contacts”

  1. aventer Says:

    Watch out for people who want to make you feel guilty if you don’t want to meet them.

  2. maeree Says:

    okay, ek is nie 22 nie. maar daar was ‘n tyd wat ek ‘n R2000 telefoonrekening (my volle salaris op daai stadium!) gekry het a.g.v. irc. [internet relay chat. dis amper soos im, behalwe dat jy nie enige sagteware aflaai nie. jy besoek ‘n vertrek met baie mense en kuier sommer met hulle almal.] daar het ek geleer: die hoofrede om níe so ‘n persoon te ontmoet nie, is omdat jy graag met hulle wil vriende bly. elektroniese kommunikasie is baie gaaf met persoonlikheidsdisorders.

  3. Salige Rus Says:

    Moenie ‘n foto aanvra voor die ontmoeting nie, want hulle gaan vir jou ‘n foto van Pamela Anderson stuur en eintlik lyk die ou soos Kobus Wiese.

  4. Ramon Thomas Says:

    I’m looking for stories of unusual experiences with MXit to include in my 2nd edition of Parents Guide to MXit.

  5. cobus Says:

    I sent you a mail, maybe I can help

  6. mr 100% sure Says:

    0716001368, hot 1 says invite him coz if ur a cute gal, u dnt knw what u missing

  7. […] meeting your MXit contacts […]

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