praying against Mugabe

April 10, 2007

In a recent article in “Die Kerkbode“, the official paper of the Dutch Reformed Church, it the said that the leadership of the DRC is praying together with the other churches for a change in the leadership of Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe has been president for more than 25 years, and has gotten wide news coverage in the past last years for the attrocities commited.

My initial reaction upon hearing this was one of caution. Are we sure we know what is best? Can we really make this kind of decisions? After that I got a bit mad, I felt like we are praying, but why aren’t we there, helping those people? I mean, it’s our next door neighbours! And I’m not talking only about the couple of white people still holding out, how about the milions starving without food!? Can we pray and still stay on the sideline?

But the problem is simply too big. Anyone even thinking about doing something to help the people of Zimbabwe are simply overwhelmed by the problems. And what do we make of Rom 13?

Yes, maybe we should be praying against Mugabe. But I still feel a bit weary about that part. What I’n sure of, is that we have a task to help those people, and that is the people we should pray for.

But what do I know. I’m also just sitting here, doing nothing about Zimbabwe.


4 Responses to “praying against Mugabe”

  1. aventer Says:

    This is just a personal feeling. But I feel it’s wrong to pray against Mugabe. Sure he’s done some bad things, but don’t we all? Rather than praying against him, can’t we pray for the leadership in Zimbabwe in the general?

  2. Johan Swarts Says:

    ek vind dit problematies om vir ENIGIETS te bid, aangesien ek nie so lekker weet hoe kousaliteit die lewe daarna moontlik vir iemand anders kan op#$$ nie.

    neem die volgende hipotetiese situasie. iemand is dodelik siek. jy bid en die persoon bly lewe. oor ‘n maand beledig die persoon iemand; daardie persoon ly om die beurt weer aan depressie en pleeg selfmoord. die belediging was die laaste strooi. jou gebed het op die ou einde die dood van iemand anders veroorsaak.

    dis miskien ‘n dom voorbeeld. but you do catch my drift, no?

  3. cobus Says:

    Yes, I “catch your drift”. Been asking some of the same questions myself. I pray for something, and it happens. Was it my prayers that caused it? Did I convince God of doing something?
    Don’t know. But on the other hand, it’s easy pull out a lot of rational arguments against prayer, but some are living a very faithful prayerlive, not using it to try ang fix their problems, or get other people out of the way, but really growing through this. Should I just ignore what they experience?
    But I definitely have a huge lot of discomfort with the way people are talking about prayer.

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