kind of emerging in africa thing…

April 12, 2007

So, I met with Arthur and Tyler (it is Tyler right?) from Nieucommunities last night. Arthur came onto this blog in the past few days, and when we talked, one of the first things he said was “you are the one who said that your girlfriend speaks better English than you do and spellchecks the blog?”. Well, if that’s what someone remember of the blog, it says something about content:-) (If this doesn’t make sense, check out the The Contemplator page).

Our conversation had a lot of “kind off”, “sort off” and “that kind of things” in it. Questions like, what are you doing? Who are you? Would time and again be answered by starting with : “Well, we are kind off …”. Time and again I realised that the traditional categories doesn’t really work with these guys. They don’t really fit, but are trying to be a missional community in South Africa. Then again, do any of us ever feel like we really fit the mold 100%? Aren’t we all just “kind off”, “sort off” in this or that category?

Arthur described them as a “neo-monastic” community. The monastic communities is usually remembered as the monks from the middle ages, guys that went and totally lived together in a community for a time, some communities were places of study, others of getting involved in the world around them. And this is what they want to do. People come and stay there for a year, and get involved in the local community. They don’t have a set program that you have to follow, but help people to get involved in different places around Pretoria-North, as they feel called to do.

We talked about the problem of meeting people in Pretoria that are part of these kind of conversations. Being church in this post-modern era, being missional. We don’t really know about a lot of people in this area that are part of these conversations, and only a few blogging about it. But I think there are more people out there than we might think, people that are simply busy doing it, doing the things some of us are talking about. Something Roger mentioned in a post a while ago as well.

Well, hope this one goes through as well. Then the problem might have been fixed.


2 Responses to “kind of emerging in africa thing…”

  1. Roger Saner Says:

    Hooray – you finally met the Nieu guys! 🙂 I agree with you – I think there are more people out there “doing it” than talking about it. Seems healthier that way to me – but would be great to hear from them too…

  2. cobus Says:

    Seems like you’ve been awake the same crazy hours I’ve been last night, looking at the time your comment was left:-)
    Had two conversations with two different people yesterday, and in both it came out that there is people that have ideas, want to share it, want to write, but don’t kwow where to start. Blogging is still very much unknown in South Africa, outside the techy people, and even a lot of them, if I look at the Computer Ingeneering guys I know, don’t really have an idea what it’s about. It’s gonna take some time to really become part of how we as South Africans communicate.

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