technical problems with wordpress

April 12, 2007

Been having some problems today. The mycontemplations and emergingsa blogs seems to be messed up. I leave a comment at mycontemplations and it appears at some post at emergingsa. Even now I’m not sure if this post will go through. It might, looks like for a moment I’m at the right site (currently shows mycontemplatoins in the URL as well as the Dashboard heading, where in the other window currently open it shows mycontemplations in the URL, but emerging South Africa in the heading).

If I don’t get anything posted again today. I’m sorry. I’ll be back ASAP. And I did leave a reactionary comment to some of you, you can check the emergingsa blog at the who’s the racist post, that’s way back September last year or something. Or else you can just wait, I’ll repost it as soon as the problem is fixed.


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