April 13, 2007

This is probably the wrong place to ask the question ‘what is blogging?’ the act that you are reading this probably means that you know the answer. But can you formulate it?
Fact is that although ‘blog’ was the 2004 word of the year for some dictionary (can’t remember which one, might add it later), most South Africans have on idea what it is. I have a feeling, on scientific evidence, just a gut feeling, that more than half of those that do have internet access don’t know what it is, not to speak of the majority of the country without internet access. A shocking amount of university students don’t know what it is.

So, coming back to the conversation we Wednesday, Arthur, and the comments of yesterday’s post, we might find part of the reason for our observation that a lot of people in South Africa are practising emerging and missional ideas but not talking about them, in this. And this while I consider blogging to be a great tool to link you with people that come from different backgrounds than you do, different churches, age groups, theological groups or even faith groups. Something that is definitely necessary in the emerging conversation.

‘What is blogging?’ I tried something like ‘It’s like a journal, where you post your thoughts about whatever and they get published from the latest to the oldest’. I tried explaining it as a way where the ordinary guy or girl can share thoughts and be read by anyone. Then I tried telling some of the stories of what I read, and people I’ve met, that seemed to work better. But in the end, all I could say was : ‘Blogging is like the Matrix. You can’t be told what the Matrix is, you have to experience it for yourself’.

How would you define blogging? Think we could use some more South African bloggers?


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