Blogging on the nokia 6020

April 14, 2007

I’m currently sitting on my uncle’s farm near Rustenburg, I thought this should be the ideal occasion for sharing some of what’s possible on my Nokia 6020. You’re welcome to slip this post if this is not of interest to you, this week coming should have some interesting things happening, so hope to hear from you then. But for the serious cellphone users, know there is some of you here, hope you find this interesting.

The Nokia 6020 isn’t a very expensive phone, but he you know how to use it this can become a blogging platform, and not just a phone for calls and sms’s. The phone comes out with a dictionary, which includes Afrikaans and English, and can at least double your typing speed once you’ve gotten used to it.

WordPress has a mobile site, which allows you to type posts, check your stats etc, which I’m currently using. This works without a problem in Opera Mini 3, which you can download by going to on your cellphone.

Bloglines comes out with a WAP page, which means that the page is specifically formatted to show correctly on your cellphone. This make it possible that I can quickly read a few of your posts when I have to wait somewhere for a few minutes, or even while eating alone.

The one thing that I don’t seem able to do is leave comments. But apart of that I can be an active member of the blogging community, reading and contributing, with only my cellphone. This is however not an advertisement for Nokia, whatever phone you are using, it doesn’t need to be a fancy blackberry or Nokia N-series, if it has GPRS you can probably use it for blogging, just get to know all it’s features.


One Response to “Blogging on the nokia 6020”

  1. F Wolff Says:

    Die 6020 kan ook Afrikaans praat as mens die koppelvlak verander na Afrikaans by die instelings. Daar is ‘n paar ander Suid-Afrikaanse tale ook. Sien,8764,92313,00.html

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