TUKS theology synchroblog coming up

April 17, 2007

Kowie posted a question to the theological students at TUKS. My question reads:

“What is the general feeling of the theological students about Youth Ministry – specifically the young adult ministry, meaning ages 22-35, might even include the group 16-22? Is there any blogs of forums on that? Where do they belong, in the congregation or apart, etc? (my translation)

Wat is julle bree tokkelok gevoel oor jeugbediening – “jong volwassenes” maw die 22 – 30/35 groep, kan selfs die 16 – 22 groep insluit. Is daar enige blogs of geselswerwe daaroor? Waar hoort hulle – in die gemente of apart – ens. (original)

So, I decided to not try and answer it alone, since that won’t really give a very good “general feeling”, but rather sent the question to some of the other bloggers from the faculty, which is but a few, and asked some others to start their own blogs, and use this discussion to get started.

So, tomorrow you will find bloggers at these blogs addressing the question. Feel free to comment, check out some of the new blogs. Some of the blogs are in English, some in Afrikaans. Most are by more senior students. Some by guys, some by girls. What their ideas on the topic are, I’m not sure. Take part, leave your ideas on the topic, whatever they might be.

Then on Friday we’ll each most probably do a second post on the topic, in which we will reply to each others posts, and to comments made during the two days.

This is really a major question for our church at the moment, maybe for other churches as well. Our kids leave church after school, and then they only come back when they want to baptise their own children, if they do come back.

Bloggers participating so far:

Cobus, Pete, Tiaan, diemarch


2 Responses to “TUKS theology synchroblog coming up”

  1. Kowie Says:

    Thanx for putting the question to the crowd – I would really like to have as many inputs / remarks as possible. Two weeks ago I made appointments with a few youth pastors / leaders/ preachers from different denominatios – only in Pretoria. All was in agreement that they keep youth till about grade 11. Some claim that they keep them up till 1st year after school. Others claim that they don’t lose them. Some claim that they reclaim the youth again at the age of 23 – 27. The ansswers about the place of youth in the congregation also was from the left of the table to the right. As many interviews – as many viewpoints. It would be interesting to see what you guys / girls feel about it. I am from a church where youth is a absolute priority. A remark – I do get the feling that a lot of the youth (15 – 16) think about church as a school ( and the Sunday school, katkesasie system strenghten this idea). Once “school” is over – (aanneming) then you are finisched with school and the onwards to live school. What about there is no such thing as katkesasie and the youth decide when he/she is ready to Christ that he/she wants to put his/her life before Him? By that I do not imply that youth must be left alone in the darkness, but be guided by dedicated youth leaders. A though?

  2. […] thought about giving a general feeling, but think Kowie gave a good summary in his last comment: in faculty you will find proponents of about anything you can think of. Therfore, this is some of […]

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