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April 18, 2007

OK, it’s synchroblog time. Doesn’t seem like the other people have posted yet, but I assume you will find their ideas as the day progress. The question was posted by Kowie:

“What is the general feeling of the theological students about Youth Ministry – specifically the young adult ministry, meaning ages 22-35, might even include the group 16-22? Is there any blogs of forums on that? Where do they belong, in the congregation or apart, etc? (my translation)

This seems to be a hot topic in our church, maybe in some of yours as well, so do take part. Whether you are part of the church, or not any more, or never was. Part of the age groups he stated, has been at a certain stage in your life, or will be some time in the future.

I thought about giving a general feeling, but think Kowie gave a good summary in his last comment: in faculty you will find proponents of about anything you can think of. Therfore, this is some of my thoughts.

  1. I remember reading something from Doug Fields when I was still in high school where he said that when young people graduate from school, they graduate from church. When I gave that phrase to one of my friends last year over MXit, she said something which I think might bring some light on the topic: they don’t graduate, we give them a diploma to leave. We do this by giving shallow theological answers to our young people, and as soon as they start asking questions, or as soon as something really bad happens, the theological card-house we helped them build, falls down. I think this is a definite reality. Our young adults finish with school, but still can’t put their own experience of faith into words, and they don’t have a theological system that will help them cope with the world, so why stay?
  2. Another insight I got from some of the pastors from our church at a meeting last week where we started to discuss this. In churches with a strong emphases on covenantal theology, we tend to make the kids in our congregations very important, but don’t know what to do with them as soon as they are done with the confirmation of their faith.
  3. I’m personally of opinion that we need our kids and yound adults in our congregations. Our congregations need them to stay relevant. They need their energy, their ideas, they need them to not stagnate. I also believe that our young adults need the mentoring that can be provided in the congregations. What they don’t need is a church council with an average age of 57 telling them what should and what not. The church need them on the church councils or in discussion groups.

Leave your thoughts. I would like to hear. Read some of the other bloggers, I do believe they will post within the next few hours or so. Leave them some comments as well.

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