big day – graduation, some thoughts on TUKS

April 20, 2007

It’s been quite a serious week of blogging, serious topics touched upon etc. But not today… well, I guess you may consider this serious… anyway, read on.

Today will be my graduation ceremony. Don’t really know why everyone is saying congratulations, thay should have said congratulations when I passed my last exam, the paperwork that followed after that is nothing to congratulate. So I’ll be wearing all kinds of fancy clothes, and shaving my head within the next two hours, for this occasion.

I’m busy with my fifth year at TUKS (Transvaalse Universiteits Kollege, nowadays known as the University of Pretoria) (click here or here), and I’ve been staying in a university dorm, or residence, as we call it, for all five of these years. I’ve developed a certain love for this place over time. It’s really a beautiful campus. Take a walk around one day, walk the garden route, check out the buildings. I’m taking part in the TUKS photo competition this year, so I do a lot of looking around on campus. And have you checked out Groenkloof campus? It’s really… green (groen), and quite beautiful as well.

I’ve developed a lot of appreciation for my lecturers, as you might have realised in yesterday’s post. The university was able to keep up a high standard, in spite of transformations taking place in South Africa. So it’s nice to know that I’ll have the possibillity to continue my studies at other well-known universities if ever I want to. We are part of the top 500 universities in the world, and has been rated first or second (University of Cape Town being the other place) in the country.

I have some grievances as well. Number one being the fact that the internet connection doesn’t seem to be able to keep up during the day. It gets really slow. Right now I waited extremely long just to be able to type this post. And then the fact that I have limited amount of internet usage also bothers me. OK, I’ll accept that I’m not supposed to download movies on an university account, so some form of control is good, but please, TUKS admin, Prof Pistorius, or whoever reads this, lift my internet account a few hundred Mb’s! And lastly, Prof Visser, the price of chicken at unbooked in our dining halls. This is getting ridiculous. If Pick and Pay and the local cafee is cheaper than the university, a lot cheaper, then I’m starting to wonder about where the money I pay for food is going.

But that’s life. Any students reading? From which universities?Alumni’s? Leave a message.


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  1. Kowie Says:

    Congratulations! No serious (different!) comments today!

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