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April 27, 2007

I’ll probably be a little quiet over the next few days. First it’s weekend, and then I’m going on the camp with Brian Mclaren and an number of other emerging thinkers from South Africa from Monday to Wednesday. Maybe I’ll post something while there, never know, but I’m not promising anything.

So for now, if you are reading this anytime before the 6th of May, I need some thoughts. I’m doing my first official sermon on that Sunday. Maybe I should give some general thoughts on the sermon thing first. I’m generally irritated by sermons, usually. I get this feeling that to many a sermon means that a preacher need to convince you that you have a problem, and then read a piece from the Bible, not always related to this problem, and then give an answer to the problem, which does not always relate to the particular piece in the Bible. It’s not always like this, and not something I’ve started realising in my current congregation, so don’t take this personally Immanual, Ronel, Eben, Louis or Paul. But a general feeling I’ve gotten over the last 16 years or so. (My mom tells me that I was impossible in church in my first few years, therefore, neither me, nor she, went to church in that time. Maybe my perception is wrong, but this is not the way I want a sermon to be!

So, what should a sermon be? I’m not sure.

The church where I’ll be preaching is busy with a series on family habits, and I got habit number 2: We appreciate each other. Families that appreciate each other, that show each other how special each one is, grow closer to each other and to God. 

OK, so any thoughts? Maybe some Bible passages it reminds you about? Stories? Scenes from movies? Photos? Anything. Leave a comment, I’ll appreaciate it very much.

The one scene I got thinking about last night is from Lord of the Rings (one of my favourite movies), I think from the second movie. Where Frodo and Sam start dreaming about the stories which will be told about them in the Shire. Sam speak about the stories which will be told about Frodo, and then Frodo says something like this: “What about Sam? I want to hear more about Sam. Frodo wouldn’t have gotten far without Sam!”. In the same way we need to start telling each others stories in our families. Families are the place where we go to for backup, for help. The people who trust in us, hope with us, dream with us, and about what we will do. We wouldn’t have gotten far without them.

Yes, sadly, this isn’t always true of families. Sometimes families hold us back, and we sould have been better off without them I think. This is difficult, I’m not sure how to handle that in a sermon.

Anyway. Any thoughts welcome!

You can find directions to the church here, if you’d like to attend. The gathering will be held in Afrikaans, and I’ll be in the hall, not the church. It starts at 9:00, Sunday 6th of May. You’re free to mail me at cobus.w@gmail.com


2 Responses to “upcoming sermon”

  1. maeree Says:

    1 tess 3:9-13 in die boodskap vertaling is pragtig.
    jy kan ook vir mense vertel van gary chapman se 5 liefdestale, omdat dit mense vrymaak om te wees wie hulle is, terwyl hulle ander op ‘n gepaste manier waardeer.

  2. Kowie Says:

    Sal kort wees. (1) Ek glo jy moet Jesus vra wat Hy Sondag vir die gemeente wil se – after all, dit is Sy kerk. Vra Hom ernstig vir rigting – en as dit verskil van die vooraf gegewe onderwerp – well, jy weet wie jy moet gehoorsaam. Ek kry die boodskap “ ek is tot alles in staat deur U wat my die krag gee” wat ek persoonlik vir jou wil gee vir Sondag.

    Indien jy wel oor familie praat – 1. Eer jou ouers, nie vereer. 2. Liefde teenoor mekaar – liefde en aanvaarding maak wonde gesond . 4. Vergiffenis van ‘n kind teenoor ‘n abusive ouer – die vergifenis van Jesus. Om so ‘n ouer vry te spreek en sodoende die haat en seer in jou hart aan God op te dra – “ek is tot alles in staat deur Hom wat my die krag gee”.

    Vra Jesus vir rigting – Hy sal gee.

    Sal kom luister – seen vir jou.

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