Camp with theological students

May 28, 2007

I’m very sorry for being away these past few days, things are going a bit hectic at the moment.
We were having a camp with the theology students this weekend. It was planned around the Open Space Technology model. It basically comes down to that we got together at the beginning of the camp, and opportunity were given to give ideas for topics which they wanted to discuss. The topics were then discussed in groups running parallel, so you had to chose which discussions you wanted to attend. For those interested, here is some of the hot topics for theological students at the faculty of Pretoria.
* What is the influence of the devil and demons?
* The personal spiritual life of the theological student
* Do church structures keep people from connecting with God?)
* What should be the role of English in the church? (We are an Afrikaans church)
I don’t know what happened at every group, but here is some thoughts that came out.
* Spirituality should be seen as more than simply reading Bible and Praying once a day.
* God is bigger than the devils.
* As a minister, it might be a good idea to use the language of the people who come into your office. So, if someone come into your office claiming to have experiences of demons and spirits, work with that language, in stead of trying to convince them that it isn’t true.
* Although we know that church structures is necessary, it’s not experienced as a very positive thing. But we need to go through the slow process of changing a system, instead of trying to rush it and leaving the majority behind.
* Interaction should receive a more important place in our church services, although some are still uncomfortable with it.
* We cannot get away from the fact that if we take our calling seriously, then the church should be willing to change her language from time to time. Sometimes use English to accommodate people, and celebrate our unity.
This isn’t necessarily representative of what was said, but simply some of the things I picked up. Some of the conversations I only attended for a few minutes, and some I only got feedback through some of the students you did attend.


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