Dutch Reformed Church general synod – morning 1

June 4, 2007

The past few days has been some of the most hectic ones I’ve ever experienced. Writing exams, having meetings, marking tests, and preaching, everything just needing to happen at once. So, I haven’t really gotten round to blogging. The next 2 days could be quite hectic as well, I still need to finish up two assignments before Wednesday morning, and I’m currently at the general synod of our church.

Well, myself and Pieter will be blogging through the whole thing, maybe even a few times a day betwee the two of us. Some major issues will be on the table, which I’ll tell you about later today, hopefully, since I got to be back in a few minutes.

Basically our role is to just help out, carry around stuff, hand out papers, get the mikes to people that want to talk etc. But inbetween we get to listen to the meeting, and get free food and stuff.

The synod is 200 ministers, and 200 members of church councils, from our church with it’s 1000 congregations, getting together and talking about certian things. I’m not really sure what the authority of the general synod is, but I believe we will be talking about that as well in the next few days, then I’ll know.

What more can I say? Food is great! I’m sleeping very little. I love caffiene at the moment. And watch this space, will keep whoever is interester posted.

If you’re not interested in what’s going to happen, then ignore this blog the next few days. The type of things going to be touched on is homosexuality, church unity between churches of different race, spiritual warfare and the devil, and a few other things. Rumoar has it that Len Sweet is here as well, but I’ll need to confirm that.


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