Getting started

June 4, 2007

We’ve started. Registration was interesting, people who haven’t seen each other for years meeting, and others meeting for the first time. Many came with very set ideas to the synod, and these was discussed with others sharing the opinion. Many talked about who they would vote for as the new moderator and his/her team for leading the synod. Well, that was also because many thought that the point stating that the new leaders would only be chosen later in the synod was going to change.
This was however not the case. After some discussion, it was voted on, and it didn’t in through. So, for now Coenie Burger and his team are still leading the meeting at the moment.

Maybe I should mention something else. We started out the meeting with a church service. Nelus Niemandt preached on Mark 12, the great commandment, especially of loving others, and applied this to our current situation, especially to this meeting, something we need to discover when having conversations and debates in the coming days. Then we shared holy communion, and in our little group, consisting of three people, we talked about the character of unity that should in along with communion. But now we are in the meeting, and we’ll see what going to happen when the serious issues get discussed.
O yeah, and I met the blogger of


. I hope I have this html coding right, so that you’ll see a link. I’m still blogging from my phone, since I found out in the part few hours that my phone, the nokia 6020 isn’t supported by PCsuite 6.8, meaning that I’m not currently able to get onto the internet from my laptop. The hotel to offer a wifi service, but it’s crazily expensive, so I’ll see what I’ll do. Anyone with knowledge on this?


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