Our Calling as Church

June 5, 2007

I just came into the hall, and the moderator, Coenie Burger is speaking as I type. I missed his first few comments, but as I’m typing, he is talking, and I think saying some important things. He is actually talking about “calling”.

What I caught as I was coming in, was that he warned us that the modern worldview shouldn’t be what we are interpreting everything through, that we look at the Bible and only leave that which is acceptable in the modern worldview. He pointed to the fact that what we learned from Europe didn’t always help us, although there was some good things as well.

Another thing he is pointing to is the problem of what I would call New-Afrikaner Nationalism, I don’t think that is the words he used. He says that culture is important, but that the church shouldn’t be a cultural organization. Also he said something about materialism, but I didn’t quite get that.

The critical thing that he wanted to say was that when we say yes for Jesus, then, automatically, it should mean that we should be saying no to some other things.

A discussion is following now on this whole thing of calling. Part of the agenda is something written about what is the calling of the Dutch Reformed Church, and this is being discussed.

What keep on coming out is that people want to hear more about the Bible. Some people, including the minister under which I did my final year of catechism, is saying something things like that we are being too tolerant about things (it’s very broad at this stage of the meeting), and should have stronger statements based on the Bible. The things I think I’m hearing is the underlying emotions I think we will find in some of the other conversations coming up in the next view weeks.

Henk Gouws said something which I think is really relevant. He is talking about making this calling practical. Making something which men can stick onto the refrigerator, and woman on the mirror (I wonder, maybe with some people this should be the other way around, but whatever), so that the people in our congregations can be reminded about this calling the whole time. For those of you that attended the church service in the hall on Sunday in Kameeldrif, this is similar to some of the things I was trying to say.

Well, this is just kind of my interpretations on things, so if you attended, please feel free to make some comments where you feel they are needed.


It’s Tuesday morning now, and the conversations continue. I haven’t published this yet, couldn’t get onto the internet. Well, where some were saying the we are too tolerant last, night, this morning someone else pointed out that if we are too narrow in how we formulate our identity, then we will be pushing people away, for example our young people in the church.


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