4 views on God: God the Goal

July 4, 2007

God the Goal
My dad tought me at some point that our view of eschatology determines our view of theology, or something like that. Basically, how I understood it, is that our view of how God would be reviewed, would review God self, in the future, not only of the second coming, determines our view of God. This is similar to what we would say if our view of God is God the Goal. Which doesn’t mean that if our dominant view is God the Agent we won’t be taking the future, the eschatology, seriously, but when we see God as primarily Agent, then our view of the future would see God as the one that should do certain acts in future. God the Goal seems to be a little different.

I have a feeling that this is the view that is becoming dominant in emerging theologies, but this is simply a hunch, so tell me if you differ from me. The resurrection is central in this view, it is key to the reality of the coming kingdom. It is primarily a view of hope, that we don’t need to settle for this present, or the past, God is in the future, and calls us to something better. Maybe this is another difference between this view, and that of God the Agent, when God is the Agent acting in present, then God is pushing history towards a better future, but is God is the Goal, then God is calling us to take part in a better future of which we are not yet part.

When it comes to the bad things in life, I’m not yet sure what this view would say. I gave some of my thoughts about the kingdom of God here, and maybe that would explain why I’m saying this. This view concerns itself with society, and the possibility of creating a better society, of a better world, this world as the kingdom of God. But does it concern itself with the individual, with individual suffering? When others are dying of hunger, this view would call us into creating a world where people have food, but when you are hungry? When your loved ones die? Is the possibility of a better future really helpfull? The idea of the resurrection would give hope here, but I’m not sure if the idea of a kingdom of God that is posible for this world would give hope.

Conclusion of the last three posts
In the end this 4 views are just that: views. It’s not four different gods, it’s simply four possible ways in which we try to make sense of reality, and of God. But our view of God is extremely important! And most of us would probably find ourselves in combination, mainly one view, but also comfortable with another. Maybe comfortable with all 4, or maybe uncomfortable with some of them.

Our view of God would determine the questions we ask in bad times, and the answers we provide for ourselves. We could take these views, and ask how they would influence quite a number of other things as well.


One Response to “4 views on God: God the Goal”

  1. Kowie Says:

    I’ll try and determine my view of God according to your definitions, but no, we can not put God in a human think square – but if we take the hypotesises that you put done, I will try and use that. My view is of God the Source – He was, He is and will be. He is the Maker of all and the only Keeper of all. He is not just another agent alongside other agents. But, God is also the Goal. Being the Source, he is! But I also believe in the Goal – the ultimate plan, the eternity. That is why God cast us off when Adam broke the covenant and we are therefore all sinners. Through His mercy He send His Son to earth to heal the covenant between God and His people. In order to reach the ultimate goal – eternal life as His children, not only His people, we must believe believe and take the Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour. The third part is possibly the most difficult for us to grasp. That is the vital role of the Holy Spirit which is sadly ignored by most of Christianity. The Holy Spirit is the Power as Jesus is the Do-er and God is the Commander. Therefore the HS is on earth to lead us to Jesus and He will be with and in us while Jesus stay on the rightside of the throne till the end of this live. Only on that day of judgement will the Goal come to pass when some will move into eternity with God and others will join Satan in eternal hell. That is my view in short.

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