A letter… to all my fundamentalist friends

July 18, 2007

A lot, and I mean a LOT, has happened which brought me to this letter. There is a story behind everything, and this is no exception. One day I might start trying to tell the story, some of it I might drop in this letter.

Growing up in Africa taught me something which I consider very important. Many people have quite a literal interpretation of the Bible. Especially in Africa, I experience the interpretation to be quite literal. But I won’t call this fundamentalistic. It just a literal reading of the Bible, because that’s the only way they know of.

But I’ve had friends, yes, and sadly enemies as well, who took this to a next level, and it’s to you that I want to write tonight. Maybe just some things I hope you’ll remember.
I love God too.
I follow Jesus too.
Now this one might be difficult… I really read the Bible
And I pray

But I started this out by writing to my fundamentalist friends. And I really mean this. You see, I have friends in different places, most call themselves Christians, but some don’t. Of those calling themselves Christians, I have all kinds of friends. They are from different churches; they study different courses, do different jobs. They have different ideas about life, about God, about Ethics and the Bible. But they are my friends, and I really care a lot about them.

Please hear me out.
It really hurt when you say I’m not on the right path.
It’s not nice to hear that you have a direct link to God, and the God is telling you to tell me that I’m wrong. Sometimes it gets me wondering why God don’t wanna talk to me directly.
Most of all, and yes, I know you say you mean this in love (or so you say), it really hurts when you say I’m going to hell! (OK, I’ll admit, not one of my close friends has ever said this in my face, but I know this happen to people, and it’s really really bad).

You know, it’s really bad when God tell you we can’t be friends anymore. What make it worse is that we can’t be friends anymore because I’m searching for God, it gets kind of confusing. OK, I know I might be searching in a different way. I know I might be asking questions which you feel can’t be tolerated. But hey, I’m just honestly trying to find the implication of having a relationship with God.

May I ask just one favour, no make that two.
It’s seems like Jesus made relationships more important than the correct doctrine or lifestyle. I mean, one of the disciples chopped of a man’s ear just before the crucifixion. Jesus must have thought: “Have I taught you nothing!”, but still, the relationship remained. And Peter still had a lot to learn in Acts 10, I mean, why didn’t he just listen when Jesus taught?
The second one. Please listen what I have to say. Really really listen.


One Response to “A letter… to all my fundamentalist friends”

  1. Kowie Says:

    Die enigste se mening waaroor jy jouself ooit oor hoef te bekommer is die van Jesus – die ander is van nul en gener waarde. Ek besef dat dit nice is as vriende en nie- vriende ook jou soeke en denke ondersteun, maar as dit nie so werk nie – ondersoek jouself en solank as wat jou soeke en denke skrifteurlik is met die koninkryk van God as einddoel, well, dan is jy ok. Jy onthou van die dissiples wat by Jesus kom bitch het oor die ou wat wonders doen in Jesus se naam alhoewel hy nie deel van Jesus se groep was nie? Jesus het gese – solank as wat die ou dit doen in die naam van Jesus, is hy besig met die uitbouing van God se koninkryk. Dus – hou op om jou te steur aan nonsense. Vra en ondersoek, maar leer ook om nie andere se mening te minag of the veroordeel nie. Groetnis.Kowie

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