My Facebook Status

September 3, 2007

You will find by facebook status in the sidebar. I got the idea from Adam Cleaveland Walker. For the facebook fans also blogging.

Log into facebook, onto your profile, go down to mini-feeds.

In the right hand corner, click on “see all”.

Now click on Status stories.

At the bottom of the stories, you’ll find My Status, right click, and copy shortcut.

In, go to presentation, to the widgets.

Drag the RSS 1 widget in.

Open the text, and past the shortcut into the URL box.

Set it for the amount of feeds you would like to see (mine is set to 3 feeds at the moment)

Wahlah! You have you’re Facebook status shown to everybody who visits your blog. Now everyone will know that you are down, having a bad time, and leave you a comment to chear you up, or something:-) And now Maryke will actually know what I’m doing with my life:-)


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