decade of ecological theology

September 4, 2007

Some are saying that in theology the decade that is coming will be known as the decade of ecological theology. While some in the corporate world are still trying to argue about whether Global Warming is a reality, thus, arguing about whether they should be caused to lose money because of Global Warming, scientists all over are getting more and more worried about the realities of Global Warming.

In a very short article (really, this is short, so take the trouble and read it), Discovery channel make some claims concerning the realities of Global Warming that can already be seen. I remember talking to a exchange-student from the Netherlands, Amsterdam, about 2 years ago. She told us how the lake on which they used to ics-skate as kids, haven’t been frozen long enough for skating in 10 years. Also, how snow is becoming less and less every year. Realities of Global Warming.

In a recent article from Leanord Sweet, translated into Afrikaans and published in “Die Perfekte Storm“, he adress the issues a lack of water will be causing in the years coming. Claiming that, according to the UN, 7 billion people will have a water shortage by 2050! Ecological crisis.

Usually, theology has a way of taking a few decades to really hit ground level. The reformation was a good example. It took decades for these ideas to be spread across a generation, so that people in their masses really started understanding what it was about, and changing their realities because of this change in theology. Even the emerging church is an example. The ideas that we find popular today, have been around for a number of decades. But if a theology of ecology take decades to really become a practical reality, it’s going to be to late. The crisis will require immediate action, from everybody, from all religions, especially from those in the Western world and the developed East.

  • When I was a kid, you turned of lights to save electricity, to save money. Today, we need to turn of lights to save energy, to save the earth from as much heat and polution as possible
  • When I was a kid you didn’t drive unnecessary, since petrol costs money (as a student, with today’s petrol prises, this is still a very real reality:-)). Today we will need drive around less, to save the earth from unwanted gasses.
  • Usually, people are encouraged to drive together to save our roads from traffic. More important, would be to drive together to save our ecology.
  • When I was a kid, we were taught that we need to stop chopping down natural forests. I’m not a kid anymore, but we are still chopping down natural forests. The changes needed will have to be much more radical than those we have seen so far.

2 Responses to “decade of ecological theology”

  1. Poppins Says:

    Hi ! What’s a theologist doing with a mommy blogger like me on the blogroll? Not that I’m complaining ! 🙂

  2. cobus Says:

    dunno really!:-) WordPress has been doing a number of funny things lately

    But hey, your welcome to take part in the conversation

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