slain lamb of Revelation 5

October 16, 2007

This is the post I wanted to write before deciding to rather write the previous post. I did a class-sermon last Wednesday. My previous class-sermon was quite a bad experience, so I was a little bit stressed-up about this one, but our class is approaching class-sermons in a very positive way these days, listening to them like real sermons, and not simply to pull them apart.

We had to preach from revelation, and since tiaan said he’s going to preach from Revelation 4, and we followed on each other, I decided upon 5. Revelation 5 is the part about the lamb who has been slain. It portrayes a cosmic crisis, a cosmic dead-end. No one can be found to open the scroll…

I started the sermon by pointing to our own dead ends, especially that which we experience when people die. I experienced something like this in my first year when a couple of friends died. I saw the same thing the previous weekend at our camp. When people close to us die, we sometimes experience this as a dead end. And when we believe in a God that plan anything, then this God could easily become the one that cause dead ends.But Revelation give us another picture. When we get a cosmic dead end, it’s not Christ coming with sword and might to fix things, but rather the lamb that was slain. It’s the lamb that know pain, it’s a God that can understand the pain of people, because of the crucified Jesus (Moltmann?).

This give us hope, a God that understand, with whom we can identify, to whom we can turn in pain, in dead ends. This lamb was the one that provided a new outcome to a cosmic dead end. And looking back, we find God in pain, with us…

well, something like that that went through my mind


5 Responses to “slain lamb of Revelation 5”

  1. Tiaan Says:

    Part 2 of our series! Awesome. Mine is about God’s greatness and glory and yours is about the way he deals with people.
    All I wanted to add was that our dead ends varies. It might be deaths of friends or family, but it might also be the loss of a job, a relationship that goes in the pooper, being raped or, in my case, being stabbed and mugged. But that sermon is applicable to all of these situations.

  2. cobus Says:

    maybe this show exactly how we make sermons, and the influence of our context. I came back from a camp where a lot of kids talked about there experience of death, and from a hospital where a dad and husband was after being shot (he did survive though), and then I started making a sermon, so that is what my sermon was about. But you are right, there is many different dead ends in life.

  3. kandas Says:

    Can a life in sin without experiencing the forgiveness earned for me by the slain lamb of God also be a dead end?

  4. cobus Says:

    Who am I to limit what people experience as dead ends? So I would say yes, definitely. I guess the problem is the fact that this was the only type of dead end for many people in the past.

  5. kandas Says:

    Thank you for that input. I do agree. Sin was seen as a the only dead end and the result was most probably nominal christians who knew that they were going to heaven when they die, but made no contribution to making the world a better place, or had no motivation to live in obedience to Gods Word. Sometimes I get the impression from some of the guys from the emergent movement in particular that they are so focussed on our contribution in this life and this world that it almost appears that they are not concerned wit life after death at all. I do believe it is a wrong impression, but thats they way some of them come across.

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