a visit to augustine bookroom

October 26, 2007

OK, so I had a hectic 24 hours, but I’ll skip blogging about that, and rather tell you about a gem I’ve found.

About two years ago someone told me about Augustine Bookroom. It’s a bookshop at Constansia Park Baptist Church, in the eastern suburbs of Pretoria. A business ticket of the bookroom lay in the car from then, until a few weeks ago when I were looking for some books and decided to try them out. I was looking for The Shaping of Things to Come by Frost and Hirch, and some Social-Science commentaries by Bruce Malina. Although they didn’t have it in stock, they said they would try and find it, and they did, at bargain prices! I did have to wait a few weeks for the books to come though, but as soon as it was here, they let me know.

So, when I was there I spent some time looking around. It’s actually quite a big store, comparable to your standard CUM (with regards to size, not content). And when it comes to content, not really my style (no, they don’t keep emerging literature, although they did order it when I asked for some specific titles), but there is quite a wide variety. You’ll find Joshua Harris (really not my style!), but you’ll also find some good commentaries from the Word Biblical and NIGTC series. I saw some stuff from Ben Witherington and McGrath as well. All of this at quite amazingly low prices.

The little shop is also very quick to reply to e-mails (something I really appreciate form a business). So all in all, good experience. Place you might wanna keep in mind if your from Pretoria and looking for some books. And the fact that they were willing to order books which they don’t usually stock, and then provide it at such a great price, that really did it for me!


2 Responses to “a visit to augustine bookroom”

  1. Steve Says:

    Have you seen any shops in Pretoria that stock Brian McLaren’s books yet?

  2. Cobus Says:

    Gospel Direct. I’ve gotten both Secret Message of Jesus ans Generous Orthodoxy from them

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