Believing in the Future – Book Review

November 1, 2007

Believing in the Future. One of the best books to read! I just finished it. Prof Piet Meiring pointed me to this book in a conversation we had on David Bosch and postmodernism a couple of months ago. Prof Meiring were close friends with Bosch, so it is really insightful to hear his thoughts on David Bosch. However, I started reading the book, but never finished it. This is a problem I have, looking around my room, I’ve quickly spotted 20 books which I’ve started reading, am planning on finishing, but haven’t done it yet (there is also a number of others which I’m not planning on finishing).

But the book is prescribed at the moment, and I have to hand in an assignment on it in a weeks time, so I read it the last two days. And was I stunned! Bosch wrote this in 1991 (although it was only published in 1995, because of his death early in 1992), but it is so relevant. He point out the possible way for mission in a postmodern society, and do that in his usual thorough way. Working his way through postmodern philosophy as well as theology, and taking good account of history, he give some thoughts on a missional theology for western society.

That which many today are trying to make practical, Bosch put into perspective, with a huge bibliography, and every word weighed. I believe this is a must read for anyone interested in church today. Many know Transforming Mission (although I doubt the amount of people actually knowing the contents, since it’s a really tough book, very compact, and many pages), but few know this little book. And this book is much more accessible than Transforming Mission, coming in at only 64 pages, you’ll be able to read it in a few hours max (however, a couple of reads is recommended).

I might be blogging on some of the contents, since I’ll be working intensively with it over the next few days.


2 Responses to “Believing in the Future – Book Review”

  1. Tiaan Says:

    It sounds exciting! I’ll get to the book today and then we can share some ideas and thoughts on it.

  2. […] 11th, 2007 Had to do some stuff on David Bosch last book, Believing in the Future, the last few days. If this interest you, have read, leave some thoughts, if it don’t, then […]

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