life is great

November 28, 2007

The last week has been hectic. The last two days was extreme! But I’m proud to announce: “Life is going great!”. I’m currently busy with a masters in antique languages while doing my degree in theology… little is happening with antique languages. Twice a year we have a morning in which the masters students can present papers to the lecturers and fellow students. Today was one of those days, and the first one in two years in which I participated. While doing some work in Greek grammar a year ago I came upon what is known as the pistis christou debate, it concerns whether certain texts in Paul should be translated as “faith in Christ” or “faithfulness of Christ”, with the implications going with that. So, I thought I’d do my paper on this topic.

However, it turns out that the topic has been debated ad infinitum, and a week ago I have barely started research. But since I had no other idea of what to so, I decided to continue. From Wednesday till Sunday I attempted to figure out what was going on in the conversation, and wrote a few random paragraphs, since I had to present them to my promoter on Monday. On Monday he seemed very skeptical about the idea, but after we had some conversation about it, and he saw that at least I have read a little, and have an idea what is going on (although I couldn’t write much), it was OK if I proceed.

So the last two days I have been writing this paper from dusk till dawn till dusk, sleeping once in a while inbetween. Maryke helped me with the grammar and spelling, since I suck, which you might have noticed reading this blog. Although, maybe I’m OK enough for blogging, but certainly not for writing academic stuff. I finished this morning at 6, and was really stressed up. I hate presenting the stuff, always afraid that I made a total mess of things and didn’t even realize it. But, it went well, I got good feedback, although some critique as well.

Furthermore, I heard on Monday that a fine I got a few months ago was cancelled. Great news for me! Since I would have had to drive to Kempton, and would have had to pay R600, not a nice thought for anyone, least of all a student!

And lastly, I just came out of a conversation with my boss (well, at least, one of them). This is the Professor in ethics, and I was his assistant this year, doing some work in engineering ethics specifically. He is also doing some stuff on public theology, and I’m thinking of doing my m.div dissertation under him next year. So I went to see him, and asked him what he thought I could do. He had some ideas I liked, some that didn’t fit. He liked some of the ideas I had, and we had some idea what might be done. And then at one stage I mentioned the idea I had before coming to see him, but which I didn’t want to mention to him, since I wanted to first have some input from him. And he loved it! More on that later, but if things work out, and I still feel interested in doing that next year, I’ll be doing the exact dissertation which I wanted to.

OK, so that is what is going on in my life. It’s holiday, but tomorrow I will have to go get some work, it’s going to be an academic holiday!


One Response to “life is great”

  1. tiaan Says:

    Antique Languages? Hmmm. I always thought it was ANCIENT languages…
    Hehe!! 😉
    Enjoy your holiday, don’t make it too academic, we need our rest.
    PS I’ve had some interesting discussions with Prof Hennie Stander lately about possibly writing a book about sport celebs and their faith journeys. Would like to hear your thoughts!
    Goed gaan tjomma!

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