Rendition (film review)

December 27, 2007

Rendition is a movie about the act of Extraordinary Rendition performed by die CIA, where a terrorist suspect is kidnapped and taken to a country other than the US to be interrogated. Critiques suspect that torture is involved in some of these interrogations, and the film portrayes this.

An early scene through the window overlooking the city where the movie is mainly set show one of the most beautifull pictures of African, and maybe other third world cities as well, I have seen. All these small houses packed together, but with a satelite dish on most of them. I’ve seen mud-houses and squatter houses with TV-antennas and satelite dishes on them:-)

Although, according to wikipedia, this film did not get reviewed that good, I’ll highly recommend it. I’m not come great film critic, and I don’t know whether the acting was good or not, I found it convincing. There is no funny special effects or anything. But it has a very interesting plot (SPOILER WARNING!). I found it similar to Babel, just with a much better storyline. The use of the different languages and storylines which come together are similar to Babel, although the different storylines are much closer together than in Babel.

I thought this was a good movie throughout, but the end really got me. It turns out that one of the storylines running are actually occuring earlier than the other two. Now, I usually don’t like is when a movie cannot be figured out simply because information was withheld from the viewer, but the way it was done was really good, a really great strategy. I loved it. 

One other thing. Most say the story is about a wife with a missinf husband, however, I found the story to be much more about Douglas, the CIa agent that has to see the interrogation methods used, and in the end decide to free Ibrahimi, and Fatima, the girlfriend of the suicide bomber that initiated this series of events.

I highly recommend the wikipedia article on Extraordinary Rendition.


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