some positive new years resolutions

January 7, 2008

A few weeks ago I was talking to Magriet, a very close friend, someone I’ve been journeying together with for the last 16 years. Now, she’s not the scientific type, won’t be reading scientific journals, don’t really know what CO2 is, or any of that. However, she do love the earth, do believe that it is possible that we human being can really mess things up, and that she would not like that. We got onto the ecology thing at one stage, and she said that if someone would just tell her what to do to do her part, whe will do it. Give me a list of 10 things which I could do, and I’ll do it, she said.

I’ve been thinking about that as well a lot. More and more of us are becoming aware of the ecological realities, but it’s just so complex, that we don’t even know where to start.

So, here is a list from Time you might want to look at, you can find a summary of the list here. Some things which you might try out in 2008. Personally, I just realise that what is needed is still more radical than what I’m willing to give, and what is needed is going to cost me more money than I earn. But let’s start out trying.

Which of these would you consider practical, and which important?


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