Bon Jovi – Lost Highway

January 8, 2008

I “discovered” Bon Jovi about a year ago. Always knew about the band, I mean, who doesn’t know It’s my life? But then started listening to them with some earnesty, and really liked the sound. And I wasn’t the first one to ask questions as to what is the story behind the guys’ religion, but I’m not going to attempt an answer of this question. But listening to many of their songs did give me words and music to describe my own religious journey.

One song easily mentioned when this is being discussed is Living on a prayer, so I’ll skip that one, since it never really grew on me. It was, however, Hey God that pulled me in. I found the lyrics of this song, together with the emotion in the song, that I found something which I could identify with. In spite of the vast amounts that have been written in basically all religious systems about the question of evil, or of bad things happening, I haven’t found anyone that have helped me to put into words believers’ experience of being mad at God for in a better way than this song.

Another song you might wanna look at is Bang a Drum, especially if your interested in the whole emerging missional church thing. It’s not negative about church, but tell about a preacher that, upon being asked how to pray, rather point to what is in the heart, and point to the suffering and struggling in the word, and to really living again. (forgetting the religion thing, I think one of my favourite Bon Jovi songs must be Every Word Was a Piece of my Heart)

Now, I’m not really into keeping up to date on what is going on with every band, I don’t know all the stories of the members, many times I don’t even know their names. But my little brother is quite clued up on this, maybe it’s just because he is 16 and actually have time for this. I introduced him to Bon Jovi, now his a convert as well. He told me about Lost Highway, and we bought the CD on Friday, and since been Living on Bon Jovi.

The title Lost Highway, the cover of the CD and the CD case all point to the travelling idea. And it is quite prominent, coming out, for example, in some of the songs about people leaving ((You want to) Make a Memory and Whole lof of Leavin’), or just in the daily travelling theme of Any other day. But obviously also in the first track, Lost Highway. The bridge sings about “my plastic dashboard Jesus waiting there to greet us”, the chorus about “I finally found my way”. Who is the plastic dashboard Jesus? The figure in front of the car, always waiting ahead? A figure similar to the trinkets that once were treasure, or maybe different? Who is the Jesus waiting at the end of a lost highway? And then the CD ends with I love this town, is this the destination of a journey? A place where you don’t have to look far to find a friendly face?

Other songs in the same line you might wanna look into is One Step Closer, toying with the ideas of despair and forgiveness, with hopelessness and hope, and with taking a chance for the better. Or on the theme of caring songs like Seat Next to You, Everybody’s Broken and The Last Night. Everybody’s Broken nicely links up with the idea of wounded healers, everybody is wounded, and is also a healer; I can help you, but I do that as someone with my own amount of pain, and not as the perfect example.

All in all, it’s nice music, much of it a little “softer”. This latest album will keep me a fan, and I think it’s a positive addition to Bon Jovi’s music, although it is a bit different, but since the name of a genre has never really bothered me, but only whether I like the songs or not, I’m not going to say anything on the “country/rock” conversation.


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