The Lion King

January 30, 2008

I finally got around to seeing The Lion King theatre show on Saturday. Finding a time by the end of last year was simply impossible, and when holidays started, Maryke went to England, and we wanted to see it together. So, when attempting to think of something to get her for Christmas (we always struggle to find each other gifts) I saw that the show was extended (again), and got tickets for the day after she returned.

So, is all the hype being made worth it? Yes, I think so. No, it’s not an opera, and won’t be the best singing you’ll ever find, but for some reason I found this to be a good thing. Simba and Nala, when they are kids, sing like kids, and you can hear that it is kids singing. What they did with the stage was good, but what really impressed me was what they did with costumes. All those amimals, the giraffes walking around, the elephant coming down the aile – truly amazing.

The show has a real Africa feeling in it, you feel like you are in Africa when you watch it. But your also constantly reminded that you are now in South Africa, especially the Afrikaner Phumba and the black Timon, which seem like they come straight out of a 1994 Leon Shuster movie. Sitting their I was reminded that it’s now 2008, nearly fourteen years after the ’94 elections. The cast is mostly black, but the show watched by a mostly white crowd. For 8 months now this has been going on, the show is amazingly popular, and something tells me that for those who attended the show, Africa is in their blood. Someone said a few days ago that he thinks that the people who has’t imigrated yet are here to stay, they have decided to stay in South Africa, to make something of this country. When I looked at the crowd, coming to see this show that speak of Africa, of South Africa, but watched by so many white South Africans, it gave me hope.

I guess I could have said something on theological themes from the show as well, might do that at some point, but would like to read the words of the songs first.


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