needs in Hammanskraal

February 7, 2008

A few weeks ago I met Mrs Rika Kruger, a government spokesperson or something. I’ve never been very good at understanding politics, and don’t really know what exactly it is she is doing. Except that she is working with the government on social development. She invited me to join her in looking at some problematic parts of Gauteng.

So today we went to Hammanskraal, to Kikhanya Gardens, a aquattercamp on the Eastern side of the N1. We visited an old age home, that also feeds 200-300 kids on a Thursday afternoon. The old age home is also basically zink building, with some brick rooms added to it. They have a small kitchen, and a bathroom, with only cold water.

We identified a number of practical things which need to be done.

  • Ceilings for some of the rooms with zink roofs
  • the “donkey” which heat water with fire, need to be finished and repaired, so that they can have hot water
  • The hot water need to be linked to the bathroom
  • A water filtration something is needed (even if it is only a drum with river sand in it)
  • A pipe to let out gasses from the long drop toilet

Maybe there was more, but this is the things I can remember now. Furthermore there is the constant need for people to get involved with the old people (the oldest lady is 93), and food, especially with all those kids coming around. Also the caretakers working there get a salary of next to nothing, because there is no money really.

The visit also again showed me some of the amazing things you’ll find people doing. All this was started not by the DA, as far as I can see, or the government, but by an oldish lady living in Hammanskraal that saw a need, and started addressing it. She also care for a number of “miracle” babies, babies which the hospitals didn’t want because they didn’t think they had a chance of surviving. Some of them are 4 years old by now.

Well, maybe you are looking for a place to get involved with on a short or longterm basis. Then this might be for you. Talking to these people you’ll also hear of a number of other great projects running in and around Hammanskraal which can use some help, or maybe just some people that want to get involved. They said even just some students spending time with the young people there that have lost hope, would be of great help.

Anyone out there thinking about taking on this project?


3 Responses to “needs in Hammanskraal”

  1. arthur Says:

    i have some very good friends who live in kekana gardens. they need electricity out there. also, a concern of mine for several years has been that there is no passenger train between hammanskraal and pretoria. would love to find out why and if anything can be done.

    could several people with different interest/concerns in Hamanskraal perhaps work together to make a difference for this community?

  2. cobus Says:

    I didn’t even mention the lack of electricity, just the needs which could be addressed immediately, but that is also a problem where we were.

    Maybe I could ask about the trains, maybe someone would know, but it is very weird if there is no train, since Hammanskraal was one of the zones for black people which provided the labor force for Pretoria in the Apartheid years.

    Maybe there is a number of people interested in Hammanskraal that would like to get involved, and maybe someone who would like to coordinate things.

    If anyone know of someone who might be interested, leave a message…

  3. Kagiso Monama Says:

    im very concerned about the lackage of water in new eersterus, new meter boxes have been installed for two years now but no water seem to show on the taps.

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