August Rush of Music

February 12, 2008

The Music… Oh, the Music!!!
Annelie phoned Handre earlier tonight, asking him if he’d like to join her for a movie. He was feeling like sleeping, I wasn’t feeling like working, so I phoned her, said I’d join her. Wanted to know what she wanted to watch, she wanted to know what I wanted to watch. I said I don’t even know what is showing at the normal cinemas at the moment, there is so few movies I consider worth the time to see, but I’ll join her if we watch a good movie, she said she won’t know if it would be good, even if she had seen it, she won’t know if I’d think it’s good (I’m real hard on movies), I said I’d come in any case, I’ll read through the info on what is showing so long.

I decided in August Rush, really was the only movie currently showing at Kolonade which I considered worth the time. We got the 22:15 slot, and were the only two in the theatre (can that we profitable?). And the music… oh, the music! Every minute of music was worth the listen. The story was OK, a bit fairy tallish, just too good to be true kind of thing. I hated Robin Williams as a bad character, but I guess then he played his role good. But the music!

Everyone made a scene about the music in As it is in Heaven, and probably it is of a “higher quality”, I won’t know, all I know it that the raw music from August Rush I experienced so much more intense than As it is in Heaven. It was everything I want in music. Mixing of genre’s, classical and rock, in the most amazing way. I’ve always known that I would like this mix, but I’ve never really heard it. Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra never really did it for me, but this, this was amazing. The Rock band and the Cello coming together to form the most amazing music, making your heart beat. It’s intense, stirs emotion, build up, make you wanna cry, make you wanna jump and then… then… loadsharing!!!!!

Yes, 17 minutes before the end of the movie, the power went of! Jou beurt is jou beurt, maar jislaaik, moes hulle nou regtig dit TOE doen?!?!? Funny enough, I didn’t care for the end of the story, but I have a feeling that I missed the best part of the movie, the best part of the music, the climax of it all.

Yes, others with more knowledge of music, a more refined taste or something, might think otherwise of the movie. But if you just love the raw sounds of music, from different genres, different styles, love music for the sake of music, go see this movie. I’d recommend the 10 o’clock slot at Kolonade, then you might get the theatre for yourself.

OK, on life and theology it says, so any theology in this movie? Maybe just the theology of art. Of listening to sounds, really listening. Listening for the sake of the beauty of music, of sound. And if there aint beauty in theology, is it theology worth theologizing?


4 Responses to “August Rush of Music”

  1. Andre Says:

    Beste Cobus,

    Please forgive me for using your comment facility for this, but I could not easily find your email address.

    As a new blogger I like your site. It has a good clean feel about it and your content is interesting. I also want to invite you to look at my site at

    As a TV Documentary producer I originally specialised in environmental programmes but over the past few years I find myself more and more interested in community development productions… with a major documentary on the outreach of the Anglican Church around the world, which took me to Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Honduras and so forth.

    Having looked at my blog I hope you will agree that we clearly share interests in common and if it is not too presumptuous, I would like to ask if we could exhange links between our pages?


    andre walters

  2. cobus Says:


    I’ve sent you a mail


  3. Ronald Says:


    Toevallig het ek ook gister August Rush gaan kyk. (Die krag het darem aangebly. Ek hoop hulle het darem julle geld teruggegee of iets dergeliks.)

    Elk geval, ek stem saam – die storie is maar ‘n bietjie flou, maar die musiek is regtig goed. Veral waar klanke in die omgewing gebruik word om musiek mee te maak!

  4. tiaan Says:

    Ja wel…mushy!!!! Maar dis darem mooi mush. En, ja, soos ek vir Annelie gesê het – julle het beslis die beste deel gemis, naamlik die einde. Robin Williams pis my af in enige rol wat hy speel sedert ek sy stand-up comedy show gesien het op die netwerk (oh woe-ful day!), so ek is eintlik spyt ek het ‘n gly in hom gevang.
    As It Is In Heaven se musiek lê op ‘n totale ander vlak as August Rush s’n. Dis soos om appels met pere te vergelyk. Jy moet elkeen waardeer vir dit wat hy na die tafel toe bring.
    En albei is vir my BEAUTIFUL…

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