commenting problems

April 17, 2008

The past few days I wrote a number of comments from home, rather than the office. Currently I don’t have an ADLS connection at home (this would hopefully change with the next church council meeting a few weeks from now, which would make a big contribution to my quality of life:-)), so I use my HTC S710 to go on the internet. The S710 do not have 3G, only GPRS and EDGE, at home I connect through GPRS.

I say this, because this is the only reason I can think why I need to publish each comment three of four times before it goes through, the rest of the times I get a message saying I should slow down, because I’m trying to comment too fast.


One Response to “commenting problems”

  1. gareth Says:

    Strange, i got that message over the weekend too – either on this site, or on teo @ up. I had also recieved a message on facebook that i was spamming with too many messages – but hadn’t sent any.

    My take on the whole matter was that i had some virus that was sending comments and messages and wordpress and facebook had picked that up. I would feel far better knowing it was just a bad signal (3G/GPRS). Thanks

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