Mars, a new world order

April 19, 2008

I recieved this link from my flatmate yesterday. He obviously know what stirrs my passion! I discovered the works of Kim Stanley Robinson at about age 16, while searching through the library shelfs for anything that remotely resembled science fiction (at that stage I was actually reading Arthur C Clark). Today I’ll sometimes jokingly refer to the Mars Trilogy as my “second Bible”, because of the major influence these books have had on my thinking.

In the Mars Trilogy Robinson create a Martian society which provide a sharp critique on human society. Or actually, it is the underground society on Mars which provide the alternative for how human societies work. It was especially on economy that Robinson influenced me, but also culture, and how our cultures might develop in the future.

The Mars Society website is down right now, so I can’t check it up, but Handré, my flatmate, said that Robinson was one of the directors or something of the Mars Society. What I like about the Mars Society, and maybe it was the influence of Robinson on them as well, is that they are talking much more than technology. They are already discussion what the world order on this new world might look like. How the economy, politics, civilation and culture might work itself out when Mars gets settled


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