Again why I blog, meeting with Tom Smith

April 25, 2008

After almost a year since we’ve first wanted to meet, I spent more than two hours chatting with Tom Smith. Tom was one of the friends who started Kleipotgemeente in Johannesburg, currently a community of about 50 people getting together and radically searching for what it mean to be Christian in South Africa today.

South Africa must be the one word that I’ll always remember from Tom. After being in ministry in America, Tom came back to South Africa, and the challenge I gogt while chatting to him was to again listen to my own country, to listen somewhat less to what the Americans (especially) are saying, and ask what I can learn from those around me.

I know this is an idea that I find very important as well, therefore the subtitle of this blog, and posts like these (Living in South Africa 1 and 2). This was also why I’ve been saying from time to time that we need to figure out what the contribution is what South Africans can make towards the emerging church conversation (one of which is again looking at David Bosch, a very important theologian for the emerging conversation, and a South African, I’ll be doing my mini-dissertation on him). But still, Tom chanllenged me to again look towards South Africa first.

I’ve said this again and again, but Wednesday’s conversation again reminded me Why I Blog!


2 Responses to “Again why I blog, meeting with Tom Smith”

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