The Anglican (sorry, ecumenical) Church and Zimbabwe

May 13, 2008

As discussions about Zimbabwe go on, and as I myself are thinking about Zimbabwe more and more, and thinking about the role of the church in Zimbabwe, and sitting in a class where I feel that we are talking about Zimbabwe, but not about the idea that we have a role to play in betering things (wow, this is getting to be a looong sentence), I just read that the Anglican Church is actively taking part. According to an article on our churches official website they played an active role in Kwazulu Natal in getting the court order that the Chinese weapon ship bound for Zimbabwe cannot enter South Africa. When searching google on this I also read on BBC that they are making statements that international action are needed in Zimbabwe, and this was a few weeks ago.

Update: I had lunch with Albert Nolan and some other people today, and he corrected this. It was not the Anglican Church, but an ecumenical body, which currently has an Anglican bishop as voice. So the ecumenical church did this, and they did more. They got the legal advice, which would have been almost enough to stop the deal, but to ensure that this didn’t go through, they talked with the trade unions, who agreed that the dockers would go on strike if the ship enter any South African harbor! This is the type of stories that the world need to here about, where the church is working together to change society. And as Nolan reminded me today, there is a lot of small things happening in the church which bring hope.


One Response to “The Anglican (sorry, ecumenical) Church and Zimbabwe”

  1. Roger Saner Says:

    Hooray for the Anglican Church! This is an excellent example of when the established organisational Church can make a big difference to people by living our their theology in the public sphere.

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