the amazing people I studied with

June 7, 2008

From Wednesday till Friday the final year class of Dutch Reformed students at the TUKS theological facutly visited Good Shepherd retreat centre. It’s been an amazing experience, and a real bonding session for our class. It has been an amazing journey we took together for the past 6 years! I do believe that what happened with this group of people was something special.

Our journey pretty much started out as any other group of theological students’ journey would. We realised the differences between us very early on, we had arguments on almost anything. We had our times when certain people didn’t even speak to others. We could, and still can, devide the class into different groups according to theological positioning, we knew what the others were thinking.

But the amazing thing is that we got through the fight, and reach a point of unity. A few months ago we went to camp together, and simply started sharing our stories. Still, I had the experience that we got together as friends, but struggled to get together on a spiritual journey. This past weekend this started happening. As we came together, from vastly diverging theological backgrounds, and I mean it when I say we REALLY differ in our theological opinions, and shared a spiritual journey. Through silence, singing, talking, sharing.

Now, usually theological students always build strong friendships with those they study with, but it seems like always classes are devided into different groups who, although not neccesarily fight, simply choose to not get together. It become a picture that is similar to what you find in the church, especially a church like ours, that has a wide variety of opinions and theological influences running within it. So, the thing which really stands out is that people who would be expected to not group together within certain church conversation, are really supporting each other, and really wishin the best for the other, even when we know that we will differ in the years to come.

So it’s really been an amazing journey (who, I use “amazing” a lot in this post, not something I usually do, I’m starting to sound like some of my charismatic friends:-)), and more and more I realize that not only have I had brilliant lecturers over the years, but I also studied with brilliant fellow students, both in my class and in others, who has influenced me greatly.

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  1. Tiaan Says:

    AAaaaaawww!!! Dis waar. Ons is awesome.

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