what the CIA, the Broederbond and the church have in common

June 15, 2008

Got this from What the CIA learned from Wikipedia:

Burke noted than Intellipedia includes instructions from a 1944 CIA field manual for sabotaging companies. The manual suggests that agents encourage companies to use channels to make decisions, and when possible refer matters to committees for further study and consideration. Companies will face further strife when spies within encourage haggling over the precise wording of communications.

Remember reading in The Super-Afrikaners that the Afrikaner Broederbond(the famous Afrikaner secret organization) once told it’s members that when they are in a church council meeting, and the council is talking about whether they should allow members of the church to be part of the Broederbond, they should first say nothing, then after a while one of the members should advice that this issue be sent to the synod, and another should support him.

Churches all over seemed to know this trick as well, refer to a commission to investigate…


4 Responses to “what the CIA, the Broederbond and the church have in common”

  1. inkycloak Says:

    The CIA did not exist in 1944. Perhaps a typo in your quotation?

  2. pac Says:

    sounds questionable and what was the point

  3. Francois Says:

    Anybody (everybody) that cites Wikipedia should be distrusted. (I was a member of the Broederbond). However, I agree with the argument, but your proof is weak. On the other hand, I can remember church council meetings. Broederbond was never mentioned of course, but the instructions were clear… Almmost cost me a friend at one time! Now I’m wiser …

  4. cobus Says:

    You’re right, they did not, could be a typo, I don’t know.

    Don’t know what the point was, but maybe next you’re in a meeting and someone make the suggestion to refer something to a higher authority or commission you could laugh about it.

    Well Francois, obviously millions of people is differing from you, so I don’t need to add to that. But maybe you could point us to a better site in the Broederbond than the wikipedia site, will be happy to rather link to that.

    Sadly there isn’t a lot of proof when talking about the Broederbond… they must have been somewhat successfull:-) What was the instructions Francois?:-)

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