I’m engaged

June 19, 2008

Nelson Mandela did it, more than once, Solomon did it over and over again. The Pope never does it, Paul neither, althouh Peter did, and although Dan Brown opened a can of worms, scholars agree that Jesus never did it. Most people does it, and for many Westerners it fails. Still, we’ve decided to do it.

So, I’m engaged to Maryke. Not much more to say at this stage, we think somewhat different about things, and many of the traditions around this we don’t like (other forgotten ones we think should be revived). So, there is no ring, there will be one only when we get married. We don’t have a date yet, we didn’t plan a day for getting engaged. We got engaged at the point when we decided that this is a good time, and we will now just leave enough time for arranging the practicalities of the marriage.

We know each other for more than 6 years now, been dating for more than 5. We had our tough times, we worked through it. Both think somewhat alternatively about things, although in different ways, but we understand each other quite well, and have a lot of room for each other. In short, this relationship is working, so we decided that we both need a witness to our lives, and we are comfortable if that witness is the other person.


6 Responses to “I’m engaged”

  1. aventer Says:

    Baie baie baie geluk man…:D

    Van my en my ma en my pa.

    Weet sommer julle gaan baie gelukkig wees, ek het ‘n SMS gestuur maar twyfel of hy deur gegaan het

    Is baie bly vir julle đŸ˜€

  2. Steve Says:

    Congratulations! Mazeltov! Sterkte! Many Years!

  3. Mary Says:

    Congratulations! Thats fantastic news!

  4. aventer Says:

    Was dit darem romanties?

    Ek, Stella en Lize het daaroor gedebateer…

  5. sonja Says:

    Hey, Cobus … I just saw this. Congratulations and blessings upon you both. Great good news.

  6. sonja Says:

    Hey, Cobus … I just saw this. Congratulations and blessings upon you both. Great good news.

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