back again

July 12, 2008

I’m back into “normal live” after about 4 weeks. First a week at my parents, then a week at Stuwig, a piece of land our church are partner in which is part of the Kruger National Park, where we walked around, experiences something of the wild, and talked about leadership. Then two weeks at Bad Se Loop, a youth campsite of the Dutch Reformed Church, first for our camping experiment, and then for the yearly “skoolverwisselingskamp” (changing-of-school-camp).

This last one is a quite intense camp, specialized to help 13-year olds in the transition from primary to high school. I’ve been involved with these camps since 2000, and this has been the 16th time that I attended. In 1997 I was a grade 7 kid at the camp. In 2000 I started as a leader, and since then I’ve been a team leader a number of times, helped with the music, the tuck shop, ran the program, organized the Bible studies or made the video. I’ve worked with 6 different camp leaders over the years. This year it was my turn to organize the camp, to be camp leader. I’ve been camp leader a lot of times in the past, but this time was different. Maybe because of the emotional ties I have with these camps, maybe because of the relative complexity of the camp, or the fact that you have so many leaders working with you.

But the camp went well, and I can’t wait for next year! However, now I have to get back into the routine of day to day life. I have over 650 unread blog posts in my reader (and I filtered the blogs I read a few weeks before coming to get rid of some of those I don’t read a lot anymore) and a whole lot of work waiting. But I guess I’ll get back into my blogging habit from Monday.


One Response to “back again”

  1. aventer Says:

    Good luck 🙂

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