interesting blog posts… and a few shout-outs

July 21, 2008

Tom Smith tell how their community, living in a rich Gauteng setting, met with a black, poor, Christian community from Diepsloot.

Scot McKnight started a series on Our Missional God which I’ll be following. A topic which I’m particularly interested in. I posted on this as part of the 50-man missional synchroblog.

thinktoomuch writes on the destinction between popular religion and the elite. Ah, that ever existing chasm.

I haven’t been following Internetmonk for a long time, but read this episode out of his life, showing something of how peace again come on the other side of our fight against the church.

And then, I’ve been sitting in a class by Nelus Niemandt today, and a few of you guys have been mentioned to a group of final year students. Tom, Arthur and Roger. According to Nelus you are some of the people rethinking church, and a told a whole group of final year theological students that they visit your sites. Some might want to actually meet up. Any of you interested in this?


2 Responses to “interesting blog posts… and a few shout-outs”

  1. Tom Smith Says:

    Would love to meet up.

  2. arthur Says:

    also interested 🙂

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