some posts worth reading

August 6, 2008

Hennie Stander was my lecturer in Greek at one stage. He write on eating with your teenager (Afrikaans), not a rocket science post, but a good reminder. This is one thing which my mother did for which I hope never to forget. She built a family by having us (sometimes forcefully) eat together without a TV.

The whole immigration thing is quite complex in South Africa, with rich white people leaving, and taking a lot of expertise and money with them. It’s also a question how Christians and the church should react to this. The good news is that many young people seem to be coming back, Arthur write about this and give some further links, and so does Cori.

Internet Monk wrote some thoughts on what it means to follow Jesus, and how we’ve become middle-class or even upper-class Christians that easily forget what Jesus said about money.

And Eugene Cho has a nice letter his daughter wrote on what she would do with $100000.

OK, so I know some of these posts have been out quite some time, didn’t really blog the past few days, so only got around to it today.


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