how to react to wiccans, pagans, and other religions

September 19, 2008

I’m still recovering from Kobus Jonker’s presentation on satanism this morning. You know those times where you know that something is amiss, but everyone around you, and the speaker especially, seems to be so sure of what they are saying… well, that was something of what I experienced. Jonker’s extreme reaction towards wiccans and neo-pagans, of which I have the minimum knowledge, but I did meet some way back when the Spirtual Have for Independent Thinkers group on facebook was still running, kind of left me uncomfortable. The way in which he talked about these witches telling him that they are absolutely against the violence committed in the name of satanism, and how he then proudly told us how he just still held that they are wrong and evil, and locked them up for public nudity or whatever, even though some of them helped their unit at times.

And then Steve sent out a mail about this blog post, and told about the forum for interreligious dialogue they created, and the co-moderater is… a wiccan! I wonder who is letting the kingdom come, Jonker with his forcefull approach, or Steve who rather choose dialogue? I appreciate it when Jonker is busy to stop the evil of violence and crime in this country, but I don’t think I appreciate it when he is so fast to label as evil those who fight against the evil of violence and rape with us.


2 Responses to “how to react to wiccans, pagans, and other religions”

  1. Making interreligious dialogue perhaps more difficult than it need be, those of us interested in the religious domain tend to miss the obvious: that we share an interest in the same domain. Our intra-domain differences, I submit, are dwarfed by the distance from our planet to others…such as the planet of the stock market enthusists. For more, if you are interested, pls see my post.

  2. Satanic High Priest Says:

    Avete In the Dark Lord!

    To be honest with you I had a personal run in with the infamous “Donker Jonker”… he is a complete idiot when it comes to the reality of the Dark arts. What he knows is the deceptive truth created by the very masters to actually hide the true reality of the art.

    he is nothing but a so called chritian charlatan that the very bible warns against… Look very closely to his approach and very evident lack of compassion the very fiber that ran through the blood of christ that the human ought to strive for!

    think about it…

    Never once has the true masters been submitted to the scourch of this ridiculous person with all his fake self styled BS he believes and forces into others… this guy is dangerous only to the uneducated as they as vulnerable to the very brainwashing techniques this person has attained via the very structural education in degree’s put out there by the Illuminated Ones.

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