links on the emerging/emergent/missional conversation

September 24, 2008

Those following the blog would have read about the current conversation surrounding the term emerging. Scot McKnight blogged about it today, and confirmed that they will be starting a new network commited to the Lausanne Covenant, according to him this will still be part of the broader emerging conversation, but as missional-evangelistic evangelicals. Tony Jones also blogged about this today, saying that the Emerging Church Movement is part of what is called New Social Movements, and that even if terminology dies, the movement will continue.

OK, here is a list of links from this year so far which I think is important in this conversation. I believe I missed a lot, so please comment if there is others which you believe should be added. I’ve linked almost all of these before, I’m just putting them together now.

February 25 Micheal Patton wrote a very long blog post in which is draw a diagram where different people were put in a line between conservative and liberal, where certain voices were Orthodox, and others not. D.A Carson was considered smack in the middle of Orthodoxy. This post cause a lot of reaction, from Dan Kimball, Scot McKnight, and hundreds of comments on it and the follow-up posts Patton wrote.

In June David Dunbar wrote this article in which he discussed the relation between Emerging, Emergent and Missional. In response Scot McKnight started discussing this on June 9, and Andrew Jones on June 10.

Then, a number of posts from this month:

September 1: Andrew Jones ask readers what to do with emerging, most says Dump it, and he seems to be dumping it, and opts for missional.

September 12: Dan Kimball makes a similar decision.

September 19: out of Ur reports on the end of the Emerging Church.

September 21: Steve Knight reacts on all this on the Emergent Village blogcast.

I wrote on this on June 10 and September 18.

Well, there you have it. This I must give everyone. I love the spirit in which this conversation is being had. Honest, but friendly. Differing, but keeping the conversation open. Let’s keep it up.

What links need to be added to this list?


3 Responses to “links on the emerging/emergent/missional conversation”

  1. […] mainly the American conversation. I had some links to what I consider to be  important posts here, and Andrew Jones had some here and here. Within Sayers’ division, the two sides to the coin […]

  2. […] post my mind jumped to the September 2008 “death of emerging” conversation. Although a lot of us took part in that conversation, it was the claims made at the Out of Ur blog that caught the […]

  3. […] But, then I’ll have to respond to questions concerning the broader conversation, and why most of us isn’t running blogs connected to strict emerging inner-politics and dialogue. This has been discussed a lot, as the different death of emerging conversations ran over the years. I listed some posts on this earlier this year, and others from 2008. […]

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