October 6, 2008

Well friends, I’m at a point where I’ve got something semi-coherent on paper. I’ll still be working on this for the next 4 days, hope to hand in by Friday morning (actually I can’t postpone any longer than that). But the problem is, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the first to experience this, that I just can’t get to a point where I feel that everything is covered.

So, for those who wanted to read, if you’d rather wait for the final version, it would probably be a better document, but I’d appreciate anyone who read in critique the current version within the next few days. Its just over 50 pages long, on 1.5 line spacing, so won’t take that long to read. If you have any feedback, jou can mail me at cobus.w[at] Just making the comments within the document might be easiest, just turn on track changes, you could just mail it back to me again.

Oh, and I’m writing a English-as-second-language context, so any suggestions from those more familiar with the English language (especially British English, since that is officially what we use in South Africa, although my own is very much Americanized), will be greatly appreciated.

This is the MS Word file, I’ll upload PDF later, but now, I gotta go!



4 Responses to “mini-dissertation”

  1. Thomas Says:

    No promises, but you could e-mail me a copy. Myself, I’m at the end of an MTh (Fuller and SATS). Bosch was in my required reading.

  2. Thomas Says:

    Thanks for sending me a copy, Cobus. Here’s a summary of what I wrote to you in an e-mail. The standard of your mini-dissertation is high, and it is well balanced. As part of my training at Fuller, I needed to read many mini-dissertations. What I missed was more system, particularly relating to more concrete application — but then, that’s what you’d expect a minister in ministry to say. 😉

  3. stanley Says:

    hello cobus,
    can you please, send a copy of your complete dissertation to me. I will like to go through and get more understanding of this book.


  4. stanley Says:

    please, send me copies of your dissetation on this book.


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