October 8, 2008

Heard something yesterday, which I’m probably gonna recall incorrectly right now, but what the heck…

Apparently the early church didn’t use the word “theologia”, since it was also used by the Greeks to refer to their God’s. Thus, the word that best translate what they used for what we would today consider (not completely, but almost) “theology”, was “contemplations”! Yeah, you could think I loved to hear that!

Can’t remember everything, apparently I wasn’t listening with enough attention. But also there was a difference from how we do theology. I think it is the difference between “philosophical discourse about God” and “contemplations on God”, or something. Point is that the second get to hold theology and spirituality together.


2 Responses to ““contemplations””

  1. Macrina Says:

    If you’re interested I have a extract from Andrew Louth on the patristic use of the word theoretikos here.

  2. Macrina Says:

    Sorry, I forgot this one. Same author.

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