on politics and abortion (impromptu synchroblog)

October 23, 2008

Matt Stone calls for an impromptu synchroblog on the politics of abortion. He points to Janet Woodlock who also posted on abortion today, and I just found that Ben Witherington III also posted on it today. Steve Hays has also already responded. So let me add my two cents…

I point you towards a movie and a documentary: Juno and Jesus Camp (links are to posts I’ve written on them). Both touch upon abortion. Witherington posted soem thoughts by Dr James Howell that writes at one point:

How might we think theologically about abortion? No one really “supports” abortion or thinks they should increase.

To all my pro-life/anti-abortion/anti-liberal friends: There is Christians around who might not fit into your theologicalframework on many things, but who are very much against abortion, who will join in fighting for the voiceless!

Am I pro-life or pro-choice? Wrong question! I’m both, or neither. I am pro-life, pro-life in the broad sense of the word, as Matt also wrote about. But pro-life mean that I am also pro-choice. I can’t say I’m pro-life but be OK with it if a teenage girl feel that her life is taken away from her because of a pregnancy! Therefore I am pro-choice, and I dream of a church that can create an environment where it is possible for anyone and everyone to make the choice for life! I dream of a church where a mother with a down-syndrome unborn baby can make the choice for life, knowing that the Christian community would create an environment where it is possible to raise her child.

Obviously there is more to this. What about the DINK (Double Income No Kids) mother who gets an unplanned pregnancy but aint willing to stop her rising career? What about the father who want a son and not a daughter and aborts her? Somehow the church has the task to help people see how trivial jobs and gender are, how much more precious life is. To make a choice for life! If people are forced to accept life, and doesn’t choose it out of themselves… then probably they will threaten life in some other way than abortion…


5 Responses to “on politics and abortion (impromptu synchroblog)”

  1. Matt Stone Says:

    Choice for life, now that sounds like a Jesus approach.

  2. cobus Says:

    I sure hope it does!

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  4. learnmylanguage Says:

    Hi Cobus, your post (and a few others) have prompted my first post on my blog. Thanks for your stimulating thoughts! Andries Louw.

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