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October 28, 2008

OK, so I know that I have a series on the historical Jesus running, but I don’t get round to reading up some of the stuff on the research again since I’m writing exams. Will hopefully get some posts out over the weekend again. In the meantime, I’m having some conversations with different people within our denomination on the possibilities of starting emerging churches, and in a conversation today one of them made some insightful comments, so I share them:

You need three things for something like this to work.

  • A leader with a dream (he used the word vision, but after some conversation on this, I believe that the word dream will better communicate what he meant for readers of this blog).
  • A core team of people (both those supporting it financially, those taking part in thinking about this, and those part of the group. Over time those part of the group must also become those who carry it financially).
  • A need (Basically, a changing context which calls for a changing church. I will add to this a changing worldview which call for rethinking how we talk about theology).

And another thing:

It’s easy to communicate things like this to individual people. We all know that there is a need. But as soon as you attempt to talk to a group they react differently. The historical baggage then come into play, in group-think the story of the group plays a much larger role than when talking to individuals within a group.

OK, so this wasn’t verbatim, since it’s almost 10 hours since the conversation. But I found these two comments really insightful. Many are amazed when I say that the NG Kerk is considering something like this, but really there are much more people willing to take the leap of faith than even I have thought beforehand.


One Response to “some insightful comments”

  1. Cori Says:

    One to add to the list:

    An authentic seeking for Jesus?

    I sometimes get concerned that we’re so busy with finding new ways of doing things that we lose touch with what Jesus is actually doing… Perhaps it doesn’t apply in your case but it may be something worth keeping in mind.

    I’ve noticed with people who seem anti to some of the emerging ideas that as soon as I express my sincere and authentic desire and hunger for Jesus and his Way we immediately find ourselves on common ground as opposed to opposite sides of some imagined divide…

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