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October 30, 2008

I’ve been meaning to do this for months now, to set up a twitter account that provide people with usefull links to blogposts. You see, I have a lot of friends who don’t read blogs, and probably won’t for a long time still, or ever. Sometimes I send them a mail with a link I think they might find usefull. Sometimes I post a one paragraph post with a link I found usefull. I generally never get round to writing a roundup of the posts I found usefull during a week, I have to do it immediately, or else I forget. But following over 100 blogs mean that you generally find usefull stuff out there from time to time.

After sending another email like this this morning, I suddenly decided just do it. So, if you are a twitter user, you can follow mylinks. If you are not a twitter user yet, you can sign up here. If you’d rather use an RSS reader, the feed can be found here, and if you’d prefer to get the links by email you can sign up here.

For the non-South African readers, I’ll try to keep you in touch with some of the South African posts, and for the South African readers, in touch with non-South African posts.


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