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November 3, 2008

I’ve been pondering leadership somewhat in the past few weeks. I wonder what the task of leaders should be? Should they be visionaries? Organizers? Well, I guess we need all of those. But what I believe we lack is the leaders capable of creating spaces where people are empowered. OK, so many others have said this, thus I’ll keep it short.

I dream of leaders who are creative creators of empowering spaces. Places where those who are in the group are empowered to become more than they are. If Obama say “don’t believe only in my ability to bring about change, but also in yours”, then i hope this is what he can do! Maybe this is what Jesus did, when he took a couple of rag-tag Jews and three years later left them and they started the church, something must have happened in the space that was created around Jesus…

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  5. J. R. Miller Says:

    One quick thought.

    The big difference is that Jesus really did empower his followers with the Holy Spirit.

    Obama, and no President, can Constitutionally empower us to do anything… they can only take power and control it.

  6. cobus Says:

    If that has to be said of presidents, then not also of everyone else? How can a leader then do anything other than take power and control it?

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  8. J. R. Miller Says:

    Ooops, I realized I made an important typo, I meant to write, “Obama, and no President, can’t Constitutionally empower us to do anything…”

    Cobus, was your question directed to me? If so, I am not sure I understand what you are asking.

  9. Cobus Says:

    Yes it was.

    I wholly understand and agree on the one hand, but on the other I wonder… is it then at all possibl for any leaders (including pastors) to empower anyone? If it’s not possible for political leaders, why would it be possible for anyone else?

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  11. J. R. Miller Says:

    In regard to the US President, he cannot empower us because under our Constitution it is us who empowers him. If we look to the President to empower us, then it is only because he has taken what does not belong to him.

    In the church, I don’t think pastors empower people either, that is the work of the Holy Spirit–Read Acts 1.

    You say, “something must have happened in the space that was created around Jesus….”

    Something did happen. Jesus took 12 men who became his disciples, Jesus died for them, rose from the grave and gave them the Holy Spirit so they could become the church and take the Gospel to all nations. Jesus does the same for us today.

    So how do you see any President doing what Jesus Did?

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  14. Cobus Says:

    mmm, OK. I thought the previous couple o’ presidents already took that from the people?

    And as for pastors, they are empowered by the church council, which is empowered by the congregation, so I guess the same argument goes for them as well.

    Jesus… he also identified with the poor, sick and needy. He ate a meal with those who others never took the time to care for. He talked about an alternative way of living, one which is non-violent and not out to enrich yourself. He created a space where mistakes was OK (sending out half-trained disciples on a mission, giving the groups money to Judas). He chose his disciples from the people where leaders don’t come, and empowered them to change the world… sadly, I don’t see any president doing that (well, maybe Nelson Mandela came close), but what would it mean if I stop dreaming of a president that would do that?

  15. Alan Knox Says:


    Thanks for the post. Yes, as leaders, we need to give others space or opportunity to serve in their own giftedness. Unfortunately, leaders usually only want to see people serving in the way the leaders choose, instead of in the way the Holy Spirit chooses. It takes much humility on the part of the leader to truly serve by allowing others to serve and lead.


  16. J. R. Miller Says:


    I see what you are driving at and I certainly agree that caring for those who are in need is important and a necessary characteristic of good leadership.

    Thanks for taking the time to interact a bit brother.


  17. Sally Says:

    ” creative creators of empowering spaces” I love it!

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  20. kathyescobar Says:

    cobus, thanks for this simple and powerful thought, i so agree!

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