the things we sometimes say…

November 18, 2008

I sometimes stand amazed at the things people say. Kind of tacit ideas about God and faith which I then wonder whether they are aware that they hold this view. Like people saying that God did something bad sometime in their past to prepare them for something else… now, with certain people I know that they actually believe this, but it’s those who I know are coming from a different theological understanding which I wonder whether they are aware of what they said…

I have quite some respect for Dan Wallace, ever since I did some advanced Greek grammar using his textbook. Did I miss something in what he writes? Seems like he is linking difficulties with health and mistreating your wife?

Husbands, if you’re having a multitude of difficulties in life—difficulties at work, difficulties with your children, difficulties with your relationships, difficulties with finances, difficulties with health, difficulties with sexual temptation (the list is endless)—maybe you should look at how you are treating your wife. Maybe God’s not answering your prayers because you’re not honoring her.

Is this not the same as linking sickness with misuse at the eucharist? Now, I’m fully aware that a bad relationship with your wife can have many of the consequences which he states as difficulties, it can even have difficulties of health as a consequence (you know, some wives can put nasty things in your coffee 🙂 ), but why would he make it sound as if God will let you be sick because you don’t treat your wife well? Anyhow, sometimes I just find peoples articulations of things quite interesting.

What do you think about what Dan Wallace wrote on sickness and how you treat your wife?

What other interesting things do you sometimes hear people say, seemingly without realizing what they are saying?


One Response to “the things we sometimes say…”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Dan Wallace is a conservative evangelical – I guess he feels that James 5:14-16 is highly suggestive that sin and sickness can, at times, have some sort of correlation. I don’t really see the trouble with such an understanding. Note that he did say that ‘maybe’ it is because of mistreating one’s wife. He’s not calling for a direct correlation but he is noting that there is a possibility of such a correlation – I think James could be advocating the same thing.

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